Great Service Means Happy Customers at Drummondville Volkswagen


Excellent service

Excellent service once again at Volks last week. It's reassuring to be treated like family and feeling like we're being told the truth! Thanks for the good service and the confidence you inspire!


Personalized service

I had the opportunity to refer several people to this dealer because it had also been referred to me. At least 5 of these people bought and/or leased a new vehicle while proceeding with the transaction. The comments that come back to me are always, and without exception, very laudatory. A human service, attentive, an attention to detail, an approach based on respect and trust. Just last week, I accompanied my 87-year-old mother in buying her new Golf. At 87, the questions are many, the concerns bigger as well. Drummondville Volkswagen has demonstrated incredible patience, personalized service and adapted to the needs of a client of a certain age. Each member of the team was able to build trust by clearly answering many questions.

I can only recommend this dealership again and again for your next purchase or lease.

I would add that friends and colleagues call me to ask me where they should go for their next Volks vehicle because I seem to have excellent references!

Congratulations and thank you to Nathalie Boies and the whole team.


Nice experience

What a nice experience! I adored the whole team, who made sure that we were well-informed and we could make a clear decision. Thanks for your professionalism and your authenticity. I love my 2018's a pleasure to hit the road!